One of my favorite places to go and get a serious grub on: Boiling Crab!Β 

The Rajun Cajun sauce is a must on any of the sea food. My personal favorite is the shrimp :) Squeeze some lime’s in the bag and mix it to add a great taste to your Shrimp!Β 

They have my favorite fries of all time! Cajun Fries are the BOMB HAHA! They are a must have if you go. So go to Boiling Crab! :) You wont regret it!Β 


P.S. Be ready for some serious food coma after haha!

First Post!

Hey there guys!

I finally decided to give it a shot and join Tumblr! I have a huge obsession with sneakers and food! Im seriously a fat kid at heart <3 So that being said I’m here to share my life of sneakers, food and everything else! :) Thanks for following :)


Shorty <3